Mantic Games Heads for Kick Off with Dreadball

29 August 2012
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Dreadball is the new futuristic sports game from the makers of Kings of War ...
Mantic Games Heads for Kick Off with Dreadball Images

After the success of its previous Kickstarter campaign for fantasy game Kings of War, which raised more than $350,000, Nottingham-based miniatures maker Mantic Games has recently launched a new Kickstarter for something totally different, a futuristic sports game called Dreadball.

According to Mantic, Dreadball is a "hyperkinetic sci-fi sports game of unparalleled speed and ferocity - a fast, fun and tactical miniature sports board game written by Jake Thornton and created by Mantic Games.

Two coaches compete for victory with teams of beautiful miniatures on a stunning sci-fi pitch. The game is easy to learn, yet challenging, with carefully orchestrated plays and counter attacks hinging on positioning and the mercy of the dice gods."


Mantic Games launched the Kickstarter to raise funds for the game. Interested parties can donate specific amounts of cash in return for a copy of the game or limited edition items. What's more, as Mantic breaks through certain targets (it's already achieved the initial $20,000 goal and is currently approaching $100,000), it means the model maker can create new teams for Dreadball.

Created by the finest sculptors, artists and game designers, Dreadball is the first in a series of visually stunning sci-fi sports games, to be supported with expansions introducing new teams and exciting new gameplay, building on the already impressive 84-page full-colour A4 rulebook.

Included in the Dreadball game is:

- A4 84 page full colour DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game rulebook

- Rules for eight MVPs, team advancement and league system

- One Corporation Team: 10 plastic miniatures (four Strikers, four Jacks, two Guards)

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- One Marauder Team: 10 plastic miniatures (six Jacks, four Guards)

- One plastic RefBot

- Two plastic Balls

- A stunningly detailed pitch

- 54 Cards: 35 Action, 14 Event, three Special, two Fan

- 13 Counters: 10 Action, one Rush, one Score and one Special

- Roster Pad

- Six Home Dice, six Away Dice, six Coaching Dice

If you're interested in donating, just check the Kickstarter page.