Mantic Games funds Mars Attacks Kickstarter in just 14 minutes

04 October 2013
imports_CCGB_marsattacks_59139.jpg Mantic Games funds Mars Attacks Kickstarter in just 14 minutes
New tabletop miniatures game based on the cult Mars Attacks franchise due for release in August 2014. ...
Mantic Games has smashed through the $50,000 target for its Mars Attacks tabletop miniatures game in just 14 minutes! The Nottingham-based company has teamed up with collectable cards company Topps to produce a fun boardgame, telling the adventures of a group of humans going up against the might of the Martian army.

Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game is the game of over-the-top violence played with highly detailed coloured plastic figurines, where one player commands the Martian invaders and the other commands the brave human survivors and scattered US soldiers. Features in the new game include:

- Martian Mayhem: Mars Attacks is full of wacky events and cinematic action made possible by the simple set of game mechanics that are very easy to learn, and by the game's Event Card deck.

- Story Driven Action: Follow our heroes during the battle of Greenville with fun playable scenarios, each with their own objectives: eliminate the enemy, capture the intelligence - escape the Martian invaders!

- Easy to play: Much like a board game, Mars Attacks is played on a gaming mat made of squares and players take it in turn to activate their models, choosing whether to move, shoot or fight in hand-to-hand combat.

- Simple Dice Mechanics: Shooting and hand-to-hand combat is made easy by rolling eight-sided dice to decide whether a weapon has hit its target, or whether the opponent manages to dodge out of the way.

- Highly Tactical: move a figure out from behind cover and you’re likely to get your model killed. Similarly, ganging up on an opponent or making use of a figure’s special abilities could be the difference between making a clean kill, or engaging in a frantic game of cat and mouse!

So with around four weeks more to go, if Mantic can achieve $50,000 in just 14 minutes... how many can it get in several weeks? Also, if this has whetted your appetite for Mars Attacks, make sure you check our gallery of the original Mars Attacks card series from the 1960s.

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