Lone Star James Bond guns make hundreds at Mullock's Auctioneers

12 May 2014
imports_CCGB_mainimage_15856.jpg Lone Star James Bond guns make hundreds at Mullock's Auctioneers
Bidders left shaken and stirred by fantastic selection of toy weapons. ...
Lone Star James Bond guns make hundreds at Mullock's Auctioneers Images
Bidders were left shaken and stirred by a selection of James Bond guns in the Toys, Militaria & Collectables sale at Mullock’s Auctioneers on 5th March, including a fantastic Danjaq & Gildrose set from the 1960s.

Included in the set was a rifle, pistol and silencer with holster, binoculars, camera, two hand grenades, special agent badge and ID card. All were housed in their original card briefcase, complete with handle and two travel labels outside. Although released by Danjaq & Gildrose, the guns were actually made by Lone Star. This superb and rare set sold for £800.

However, if you fancied tackling your assailant from a distance, then the Lone Star James Bond 007 Sniper Rifle might have been a better option. This diecast metal weapon featured a 100 shot cap repeater with two ‘snap-fit’ gun sections. It came in a later box complete with a picture of a ‘generic’ Bond lookalike, rather than the great man himself. Estimated at £180 to £200, it realised £220.

On the subject of boxes, here’s a curious one – what about an empty box for a Lone Star James Bond 007 Harpoon Gun? That’s right, this lot only included an empty box… but what a box! The front was emblazoned with a wonderfully dramatic undersea battle between Bond and an enemy in black scuba diving gear… the same artwork that appeared on the Tri-ang Underwater Battle boardgame. With a pre-sale of estimate of £25 to £30, expectations were low for the packaging but it sold for an impressive £150!

Based on these great results, we asked auctioneer and valuer Keith Hartwell why Bond continues to be such a strong seller at auction. “I think James Bond is big in this country because he is one of only a few superheroes the UK has,” explained Keith. “In America, they have loads like the Incredible Hulk, Superman, Captain America, Spider-man… the list goes on. As such, UK collectors are willing to pay to get their hands on this unique British hero.”

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