Live from Nuremberg - Corgi Tanks

30 January 2019
CS90633---Willys-Jeep-SeaBees-98327.JPG CS90633 - Willys Jeep SeaBees
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Live from Nuremberg - Corgi Tanks Images

Revealed during Corgi's recent 2019 range launch, today saw the unveiling of the pre-production versions of its two new groups of tanks. This is the first time that these have been seen with their correct production colours and markings.

Retailing at £49.99, the more detailed 1/50 scale collectors' versions are prefixed with "CC" and the smaller "CS" models will sell at just £8.49 each under Corgi's Showcase banner - aimed at the younger collector and gift sectors.

Due to start going on sale during the middle of the year, the reviving of an old range with refreshed tooling should please both collectors of the original Corgi Classics and first timers alike.

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