09 September 2016
letitgo-57672.jpg Some model railway fans collect LEGO sets too.
Chippenham Auction Rooms builds up the bids with some vintage LEGO.

If you’re a regular toy fair attendee, then one thing that has become clear recently is that LEGO is becoming a more popular item to sell. Whether it’s the little Minifigures or entire sets, it’s hard not to attend a fair at the moment without seeing at least a few LEGO pieces up for grabs.

However, it’s now becoming more common to see LEGO sets going under the hammer at auctioneers too, with salerooms like East Bristol Auctions and Wessex Auctions, among others, all offering vintage LEGO pieces. The latest to join this growing trend is Chippenham Auction Rooms.

Although the condition of the lots wasn’t exactly fantastic, that didn’t deter the LEGO collectors. For example a No. 7740 12v Electric Inner-city Train Set, with instructions but not checked for completeness, made £80. If complete, this might prove a nice little earner for the bidder, as they regularly sell for upwards of £100 on eBay. A little like O gauge or N gauge enthusiasts, there are model railway fans that actually specialise in LEGO railway sets.

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On a somewhat similar note was a No. 7816 LEGO Shell Tanker complete with its instructions and box. This blocky piece certainly had a retro appeal – compared to today’s slick LEGO bricks – and sold for £25. Finally a boxed No. 6382 LEGO System Fire Station with instructions made £30 (possibly room for profit there, as they sell for about £50 on eBay).