LEGO Ultimate Collector Series Red Five X-wing Starfighter

21 February 2013
imports_CCGB_10240-lego-star-wars-x-wing-starfighter_07739.jpg LEGO Ultimate Collector Series Red Five X-wing Starfighter
New super detailed model could be a good investment for collectors! ...
LEGO Ultimate Collector Series Red Five X-wing Starfighter Images
Forget action figures, over the past few years the really hot Star Wars property is LEGO's superb range of kits - from its huge Death Star set right through to the tiny LEGO Minifigures of characters like Darth Vader, LEGO has developed a reputation for creating quality products from a galaxy far, far away. Meanwhile for collectors, the LEGO sets are proving to be a valuable investment with many increasing in value just a few years after their original release.

With that in mind, a new product to keep an eye on is the recently announced Ultimate Collectors Series Red Five X-wing Starfigher (ref: 10240), based on the famous starfighter seen in numerous exciting battle scenes, including the destruction of the Death Star. You know, the bit where Luke Skywalker fires the proton torpedo into the heart of the menacing planet destroyer.

With 1,558 pieces, this realistically detailed model featues opening wings and cockpit, a special display stand, data sheet label and R2-D2. The ship measures more than 26cm high, 52cm long and 46cm wide!

Of course, all this incredible detail comes at a price and when the X-wing launches in May, you'll have to fork out a wallet-quivering £169.99. However, this price could actually prove a wise invesment because previous entries in the LEGO Collectors Series have quickly escalated in value. Before Christmas there were numerous reports that a Millennium Falcon in the same range was selling for as much as £2,495 on eBay - not bad considering it originally retailed for around the same price as the X-wing and only came out in 2007.

Likewise other Collectors Series models, such as the Death Star, Super Star Destroyer and R2-D2 all saw their re-sell values rocket in the run up to Christmas. So, not only is the X-wing a superb model but it could also prove a wise invesment... as long as you never actually build it (which kind of ruins the fun, in our opinion). You can watch a video of the new model being announced below:

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