LEGO considering release of Doctor Who sets

12 May 2014
imports_CCGB_image_16028.jpg LEGO considering release of Doctor Who sets
Two projects submitted as part of the LEGO Ideas website. ...
LEGO considering release of Doctor Who sets Images
LEGO is currently considering the possibility of officially releasing two fan projects based on Doctor Who. The ideas, called 'Doctor Who and Companions' and 'Doctor Who', have both been submitted to the LEGO Ideas website (formerly LEGO Cuusoo), which sees enthusiasts voting on their favourite projects created by fellow fans. Once a suggestion receives 10,000 votes, LEGO will consider it for release.

Of the two Who pieces, our favourite is certainly the Doctor Who and Companions project, which includes a great TARDIS model that folds out and can then be placed around the central controls of the time-travelling machine.

Other highlights include miniature Daleks created out of LEGO and a blocky version of the Doctor's faithful companion K9, along with minifigures of David Tennant, Tom Baker and, the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. You can see a video of the design below:

Both sets will now be reviewed by the LEGO Review Board who will evaluate them based on the original design, concept and the audience that will potentially purchase the products. The results are expected within the next few weeks. So fingers crossed!

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