Latest Volvo by DNA is on its way

29 March 2022
Limited edition (299 pieces) 1/18 scale Volvo V70 R P80 by DNA Collectibles

Looking stunning in silver, the soon-to-be-released limited edition (299 pieces) 1/18 scale Volvo V70 R P80, from DNA Collectibles will also be available in Saffron Gold (399), Red (299) and Black (299). Each model will be individually numbered, as usual.

This is DNA's fourth release of the V70, Volvo's successor to its hugely popular 850. The version modelled on this ocasion will be the 1998 first generation. Each of the colourways will feature a fully-detailed interior in black, superbly-replicated alloy wheels and super-realistic light lenses.

Priced at just £150.99, and due to start shipping towards the end of the year, pre-orders can be placed now to ensure that you don't miss out on this exquisite model.

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Visit the page on DNA's website for more information and images: