Latest release from Corgi Model Club announced

25 November 2022
New No 472 Land Rover Public Address Vehicle is here

The next reproduction from the Corgi Model Club (that should be about to begin to arrive with early subscribers by the time that you read this) is No 472 Land Rover Public Address Vehicle. Shown here is the factory pre-production sample, which is pretty close to the model that will be on its way soon – doesn’t it look great?

Released in the run up to the 1964 election, the Corgi Model Club explains that there's an interesting back story to this quirky and very 1960s Corgi. Some would say that the main electioneering figure (who swivels on his base, thus allowing him to perform u-turns!) is very much from an earlier period of political history. When Corgi initially proposed modelling this Land Rover, with its roof-mounted speakers, it was going to do two versions – one in red and another in blue. Thankfully, Corgi decided not to stick its hands in that particular hornet’s nest and wisely came up with the “Vote for Corgi” concept instead.

The model was available for only a relatively short period and mint condition originals, complete with both figures, are highly sought after. Corgi later utilised the tooling for a Chipperfield's Circus vehicle ~ the politician and canvasser figures rather cheekily being replaced by a clown and a monkey! Even if you’re not a subscriber, you can buy any of the releases so far (subject to stock) as a standalone purchase.

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