Latest from the Corgi Model Club

04 July 2022
Next model has been announced!

The next reproduction from the Corgi Model Club (that should be about to begin to arrive with early subscribers by the time that you read this) is No 231 Triumph Herald Coupé. Featuring a superbly recreated box that’s as close to the original as modern practices allow, this latest faithful 1/44 scale recreation was originally released in November 1961 and was in production until 1965. WIth its fully-opening bonnet, this feature was very new at the time.

Even if you’re not a subscriber, you can buy any of the releases so far (subject to stock) as a standalone purchase. This model will be available to buy on its own for £29.99, plus postage. But, as a subscriber, this would cost a whopping ten pounds less.

To find out more, visit the club’s website at

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