Jim 'Mr Star Wars' Stevenson Interview

10 July 2012
imports_CCGB_mrstarwarsnewest_62339.jpg Jim 'Mr Star Wars' Stevenson Interview
Part one of our interview with Jim about the world of collecting and dealing. ...

Although there aren't necessarily many 'celebrities' in the collecting world, Jim Stevenson is certainly one of the recognisable names within the hobby. His impressive stalls at toy fairs are a showcase of top end collectables and, of course, he contributes the odd article to Collectors Gazette.

He has been collecting since the late '70s and made his name, almost literally, collecting Star Wars figures and toys from the original movies. Since then he has branched out into all manner of different TV and film-related memorabilia including James Bond, Dr. Who, Thunderbirds and plenty more.

We caught up with Jim recently and quizzed him about what it takes to be a dealer, how he got into collecting and any advice he might have for those who are thinking of turning their hobby into a potential business venture. You can watch the video below and make sure you keep an eye on Collectors Club of Great Britain for part two of the interview.

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