James May selects Corgi's Bond DB5 as the car that changed the world

14 January 2015
imports_CCGB_james-may-and-the-that-chganged-the-world-the-corgi-aston-martin-db5-_01713.jpg James May selects Corgi's Bond DB5 as the car that changed the world
Top Gear star chooses the unusual vehicle during The London Classic Car Show. ...
James May selects Corgi's Bond DB5 as the car that changed the world Images
BBC Top Gear’s James May has chosen what he thinks are the 13 most significant cars of all time for an exhibit at The London Classic Car Show - The Cars That Changed The World. Details of twelve of the cars had been released ahead of the event, with the 13th car being kept a closely guarded secret until the opening of the show.

However, during a star-studded opening ceremony, James revealed the 13th car, his top choice of THE most significant car of all time, and rather than picking a speedy super car or reliable runner, May surprised everyone by picking a toy. Namely the Corgi Toys No. 261 James Bond Aston Martin DB5.

“The thing about the Corgi DB5 is that it was a great toy at the time. If you've got an iPod now you’ll probably think it’s rubbish, but at the time it was absolutely amazing,” said May. “Of course it is a personal and emotive choice and a lot of people will disagree with me. But that’s the point of this display. It’s about starting a debate rather than concluding one.”

In 1965, in the wake of the classic Goldfinger film, starring Sean Connery as the suave British agent, James Bond, Corgi produced a gold Aston Martin DB5 1/46 scale model complete with retractable machine guns, opening roof with ejector seat, rear bullet screen and telescopic riders. The iconic gold Corgi car was the biggest selling toy of 1965, selling in excess of six million units, setting a record as the fastest selling car of all time and receiving the first ever ‘Toy of the Year’ award.

This year Corgi is actually planning to re-release the James Bond DB5 to commemorate its 50th anniversary. Read our previous story to find out more. Do you agree with James May's choice?

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