James Bond Thunderball Underwater Battle boardgame makes £170

21 May 2013
imports_CCGB_330-1368103452_32096.jpg James Bond Thunderball Underwater Battle boardgame makes £170
Rare Tri-ang game sold during Aston's Toy Auctions 18th May sale. ...
James Bond Thunderball Underwater Battle boardgame makes £170 Images
A scarce Tri-ang 007 Underwater Battle from Thunderball boardgame featuring the battle between Largo and James Bond was one of the highlights at Aston's Toy Auctions in Dudley on May 18th. The game is considered extremely rare among collectors as there are numerous small pieces that are easily lost. This particular example was almost entirely intact with only a few pieces missing and, as such, sold for an impressive £170 - based on a £140 to £180 estimate.

Here's the description from Aston's: "made in1965, consists of - fold-out playing board (very good); James Bond figure; Largo figure with motorised sea tow (unattached from sea tow); eight orange plastic scuba-divers (one with arm snapped off but present, and other arm close to snapping off. Four without jet packs - these appear to have snapped off two figures. There are two jet packs loose in box); eight black plastic scuba-divers (only three complete, three with jet packs snapped off - two jet packs loose in box.

"One missing gun, and one with only half a gun. One with arm missing); six sharks; spectre submarine with two bombs; 24 clear perspex pedestals; 24 metal stands; 2 dice; 19 plastic buttons; rules printed inside box lid. Contained in a good to fair box with two triangular card inserts, tears to corners of the lid and base but displays well. A very nice example of this highly sought after game."

Below you can see some images of this wonderful vintage boardgame:

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