James Bond 50th Anniversary Auction

27 November 2012
imports_CCGB_3062-m_85461.jpg James Bond 50th Anniversary Auction
Original posters, replica props and diecast models among the items on sale at Vectis Auctions. ...
James Bond 50th Anniversary Auction Images

It seems that everyone is keen to celebrate the 50th anniversary of James Bond this year and Vectis Auctions is the latest to recognise the British super spy, with a special section dedicated to 007 in its TV and Film Related Sale on 13th December. The event will provide Bond collectors with the perfect opportunity to pick up some rare items, including original film posters, replica props and, of course, diecast models! In total there are 93 lots based on Ian Flemming's famous creation.

One of the more interesting lots is for a poster for the 1995 film Goldeneye, which starred Pierce Brosnan as Bond for the first time. The poster has been signed by six stars from the movie, including Brosnan himself, Dame Judy Dench who played M the head of MI6, Minnie Driver who had a small part as a singer in a dodgy Russian club and Sean Bean, who played a rogue agent. The condition is near mint and is estimated at £800-1,000.

There's also a rather nice Gilbert action figure based on Sean Connery, dressed in blue shorts with white top, comes with mask and snorkel plus gun with pistol adaptor. It also has an 'action arm' that raises up and fires the gun. Like many early James Bond items, the figure and artwork bears a passing resemblance to Connery, rather than featuring Connery himself - this is supposedly because he was very strict about how his image was used and didn't agree to it appearing on many toys. It's estimated at £180-240.

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If you fancy pretending you're a Bond villain, then there's a great opportunity to acquire a rare Dupont replica of Scaramanga's Golden Gun, inspired by the film The Man with the Golden Gun. It's finished in gold, as you would expect, and comes mounted in a gold frame with a Christopher Lee signature on a piece of card. Estimated at £200-240.

 Up next there's a wonderful Hasbro Action Man Bond diorama featuring four 12-inch limited edition figures in various Bond-guises - such as skiing and in scuba diving gear. The piece was made exclusive for display in shops, such as Argos, and was produced in small numbers. Overall condition is near mint and it's estimated at  £240-300.

Finally, for diecast fans there are plenty of models available from makers such as Corgi to Minichamps. For more details, check the Vectis website.