International Toy Fair 2015: Greenlight

29 January 2015
imports_CCGB_breaking-bad-logo_08165.png International Toy Fair 2015: Greenlight
Greenlight's president Russell Hughes talks about the new Breaking Bad diecast models. ...
International Toy Fair 2015: Greenlight Images
Greenlight is a diecast company that's really been carving a great niche for itself over the past few years by releasing numerous cars based on famous television shows and films. One of its most prevalent series is based on the insanely popular Fast & Furious films... mainly because there are so many cars that appear in the movies to choose from. Plus there are so many movies... surely Fast & Furious 56 (in 3D) must currently be in development?

The company looks for zeitgeist or vintage shows/films and then produces the iconic vehicles from the films, other items include the VW Beetle from Gremlins, the Chevy Impala from Supernatural and the infamous Bluesmobiles from the Blues Brothers.

One of its recent announcements is that this year Greenlight will be producing a new range based on Breaking Bad, the world famous show about a science teacher and his ex pupil who accidentally find themselves 'cooking' and dealing drugs. It's become one of the most talked about series of all-time and now Greenlight is hoping its new models will prove just as popular.

Talk a look at the video below to watch our interview with Greenlight's president Russell Hughes to find out which Breaking Bad vehicles are in the line-up and find out if he has a favourite license that he would like to work on.

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