International Toy Fair 2013: IXO Models

31 January 2013
imports_CCGB_ixo_02693.png International Toy Fair 2013: IXO Models
Watch our exclusive video to see upcoming releases from IXO Models ...
Premium Collectibles - the company behind IXO Models - had a great selection of models on offer during the International Toy Fair 2013 including replicas from IXO, IST Models, Premium-X and J-Collection. There were plenty of sporty numbers on offer for speed freaks, including a selection from the popular Le Mans range.

However, what really caught our eye was a display of six different Batmobiles from the well known 1966 vehicle from the TV series to the unusual Batmobile from the fantastic Warner Bros. animated series. Each of the models comes in their own display case with an appropriate lenticular background - the 1966 Batmobile includes a cool replica of the Batcave, for example. You can see all six in the video below... holy diecast cars, Batman!

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