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06 April 2017
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If you enjoyed the recent Gazette article on cameras...

If you enjoyed the recent Gazette article on cameras, then the SAS March sale might have been of interest. This auction took bids from around the world and proved to be even more successful than anticipated, with many high prices; the sale total was well beyond expectation at £186,000. The main part of the sale comprised Leica screw-mount and M series cameras and lenses, which sold for a total of £95,000. The highlight of the section, though, was a rare Leica 250 FF Reporter camera, with fittings for motor drive, that sold for £5,500. As the name suggests, the Reporter was launched in 1934 as the first practical 35mm camera for photo journalists, giving them a 250 shot capacity rather than 36. The other highlight of the sale was the Bob Bura Collection of Stop-Motion Studio 35mm movie camera equipment. Bura, now aged in his 90s, is best known as one of the two animators of the famous BBC children’s programmes Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley between 1966 and 1969. This collection sold for £18,000.

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