Iconic 1960s warbirds from Staples and Vine now in production

28 January 2021
Staples and Vine has confirmed that the 1/144 scale TSR2 and SR-71A Blackbird will both be available soon

Sera Staples, of Staples and Vine, has confirmed that the 1/144 scale TSR2 and SR-71A Blackbird are both now in production. It's been a long while since Staples and Vine has released any 1/144 aircraft and since announcing them the response has been phenomenal. Both of these models are limited editions, of 25 only, and Sera is delighted with the level of detail and quality of finish she has been able to achieve.

The TSR2 is airframe XR219, which was the first prototype TSR2 to fly back in September 1961 with World War II ace Roland Beamont at the controls. Despite being all white there is a surprising amount of detail to be seen on the TSR2, especially on the undercarriage, which has been cast exactly to scale in bronze for strength. Only a small number of this limited edition of 25 are still available, so if you do want one, you are urged get in touch straight away. The price is £115.00, plus shipping.

The SR-71A Blackbird is without doubt one of the most iconic aircraft of all time and Staples and Vine has certainly done it justice. First flown in 1964, and retired in 1999, it looks futuristic even today. Sera has modelled 'ICHI BAN', one of the most famous of all the Blackbirds. Again bronze is used to replicate the undercarriage. Again, this limited edition of only 25 has only a small number still available. The Blackbird is £130.00 plus shipping.

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