Hunt is on for Super Rare Doctor Who Micro-figures

11 December 2012
imports_CCGB_screen-shot-2012-12-11-at-16.31.36_87960.png Hunt is on for Super Rare Doctor Who Micro-figures
Only 100 pieces made for elusive Amy Pond with tally marks figure ...

Following the launch of the third series of Doctor Who Character Building micro-figures, creators Character Options has announced that among the mystery foil bags there will be some exceptionally rare collectable figures that are being produced in tiny numbers! So, better rush down to your local toy shops and start feeling those mystery bags to work out what's inside.

Although there are millions of figures available, there are just 500 of the 11th Doctor looking rather dapper in a tuxedo (although actually we must admit there's a hint of David Cameron about this figure), while just 250 pieces of Rory Williams in a nurse uniform and River Song in a catsuit are being produced. However, most elusive of all will be the Amy Pond with tally marks and the 10th Doctor in a spacesuit, with only 100 pieces of each to be found!

Each of these special figures comes with an exclusive golden ticket of authenticity. Mark Hunt, Character Options, brand manager said: "The first and second series of super rare micro-figures were such a hit that we just had to add some super rare figures to the new collection. There is a huge demand for these figures which are findable... but it is a challenge!"

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