Hundreds of eBay results in your hand!

04 May 2023
New digital publication makes valuing your collection easy

The team behind Collectors Gazette has announced that it has made its popular eBuys price guide available on Bring together nearly ten years of results, the 155-page digital publication simply called eBuys, covers everything from vintage diecast vehicles to more modern movie favourites, as well as electronic toys and teddies.

Previously only available in printed form, the new digital version of the catalogue provides collectors with a range of benefits. In addition to being more accessible, there is no more wading through hundreds of online listings and unwanted information! With the new digital version of eBuys, Collectors Gazette is set to expand its reach even further, and provide even more collectors with the information they need to build their collections and make more informed buying and selling decisions. To download your digital copy today go to:

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