Hulk stretches a point!

12 September 2018
hulk-77003.jpg The Hulk
The recent Vectis TV & Film auction threw up some pricey lots – not least a pliable Hulk…

The recent Vectis TV & Film auction threw up some pricey lots – not least a pliable Hulk…

Yes, people clearly want the Denys Fisher The Incredible Stretch Hulk, who must be getting scarce, especially when intact. Described as only fair, but within good to excellent packaging, he came with inserts and instructions. Vectis reckoned he might make £120 but he ended up being bid to an astonishing £624.

As for Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas promotional cinema standee, this was good albeit with some surface staining, and came with its original shipping carton. A low estimate of £20- 30 was way out, this cinematic publicity making £264.

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Several Star Wars Kenner figures again swelled the auction house coffers: a Hammerhead figure, near mint on an unpunched card, realised £1,320, while a Snaggletooth, also near mint, hit £1,140. The same money bought a Return of the Jedi Tri-Logo Yak, despite a dented bubble and creased card. Best price of the day, though, was £2,040 which was bid for The Empire Strikes Back Princess Leia Organa, upon a fair to good unpunched 45A back card.

For Batman fanatics, the Power Command Batman radio-controlled Batmobile was in excellent shape, within a reasonable box. The upper guideline of £180 was almost doubled, the vehicle making £336. A Nomura TN Japanese Mechanized Robot, (which was based on Robby the Robot from the famous film Forbidden Planet), dated from the 1950s and was battery operated. This is a sought after model, comprising a mixture of tinplate and plastic. He was missing his battery casing but otherwise was fair plus to good, and standing 33cm high; a poor box was included. He was bid to £336.

Novelty of the sale? How about 25 Star Wars Helix (1977 era) pencil erasers? They made £384…