Huge Private Collection sale at Vectis

14 September 2016
Huge Private Collection sale at Vectis

VECTIS has announced an epic five-day sale of diecast models selling off the collection of one individual. Josep Punjol from Barcelona collected more than 4000 Corgi Dinky, Matchbox, Spot-on and continental diecast models.

It all started in 1957 with a present for his three year old son, Jordi. He carefully built a miniature model of “Saló de l’Automòbil,” a motor show that is held every year in the city. The model had little stands for the different car brands, and he had placed several car models, mainly Dinky Toys, in each little garage for Jordi to find the next morning with all the other presents. Josep was really proud of it, and he really looked forward to seeing his son’s face when he woke up. Come morning though, the child jumped over all the cars to get to a toy drum and, to his father’s frustration, proceeded to ignore everything else for the day. Disgruntled, Josep took the cars, put them back in their boxes to store them, and that’s how his lifelong passion started.

His collection grew over the decades taking in Dinky, Spot-On, Solido, Tekno, Mercury and Corgi – as well as other international brands and always in 1/43 scale. He travelled all over Europe in later years to find illusive models at model fairs. Every model had to be mint and the collection was housed in custom built cabinets to keep them perfect. His methodical approach to collecting lasted until his death in 2002.

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Vectis has been tasked with liquidating the vast collection. The sale is to take place from Monday 26th to Friday 30th September. As ever, Vectis will take online bids through Invaluable and their online catalogue of this auction will be available shortly from