Huge Corgi Trackside and Vanguards collection heads to auction

08 January 2014
imports_CCGB_justahandfulofthedie_84810.jpg Just a handful of the diecast models available at Halls.
Hundreds of diecast models up for grabs at Halls Auctioneers in Shrewsbury. ...
Huge Corgi Trackside and Vanguards collection heads to auction Images
If you're a fan of Corgi Trackside or Vanguards diecast models, then it's likely you'll want to check the upcoming toy auction at Halls Auctioneers on 20th January. This is because the sale includes more than 300 examples from Corgi in a number of job lots. The details are as follows:

Lot 538
A group of twenty four Trackside Models in original packaging, models included are various types to include delivery vans, mechanical horses, amusement vehicles, eight sided trucks and others. Estimate £60 to £80.

Lot 539
A group of nineteen Trackside Vehicles by Corgi, the models are of various types to include eight wheel trucks, Showman's Engine, a Scammell Mechanical Horse, a Scammell Contractor and others. Estimate £60 to £80.

Lot 540
A group of sixteen Trackside Models, mainly articulated low loader vehicles, models include AEC Flat Beds, a Scammell Handyman Low Loader, a Foden S21, an ERF, a Burrell Showman's Steam Locomotive and others. Estimate £60 to £80.

Lot 541
A group of twenty eight boxed Trackside accessories by Lledo and Corgi, the models are mainly articulated Lorries, low loaders and other heavy transport vehicles, models include Scammell Tractor, ERF Platform Truck, an AEC Mammoth, Foden, Sentinel, two Gift Sets in the livery of Pickfords and Siddle Cook. Estimate £100 to £150.

Lot 542
A group of twenty eight boxed Vanguard models in 1/43 scale, mainly consisting of saloon cars to include Austin Allegro, Rover, Triumph, Land Rover, Jaguar, Ford and others. Estimate £100 to £150.

Lot 543
A group of seventeen boxed Vanguard saloon car models to include Ford Anglia, Mini, Triumph Heralds, Volkswagen and Volkswagen Convertibles. Estimate £80 to £120.

Lot 544
A collection of thirty boxed Vanguard Light Commercial Vehicles in 1/64 scale consisting mainly of chassis by Leyland Comet, Bedford, Thames Traders, Karrier and in various body styles. Estimate £80 to £120.

Lot 545
A group of eighteen boxed Vanguard saloon vehicles to include models by Rover, Ford, Hillman, Vauxhall and Austin. Estimate £80 to £120.

Lot 546
A group of twenty two boxed Vanguard saloon cars in 1/43 scale to include models by Ford, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Mini, Hillman and Austin, this set also contains four Limited Edition Gift Sets comprising Monte Carlo Rally, Historic Rally, Police Cars, Ford Consul Classic and Capri. Estimate £100 to £150.

Lot 547
A group of seventeen boxed Vanguard saloon cars to include models by Austin, Hillman, Morris, Ford and Triumph also to include four Limited Edition Gift Sets to include sets of Broadspeed Racing, Heartbeat Collection and Police Panda Cars, Estimate £80 to £120.

Lot 548
A group of thirty five Vanguard boxed model vans to include: Austin A40s, ford Thames Van, Morris Minor, Reliant Regal, Austin Mini and Morris Minor, also to include Limited Edition boxed sets of Commercial Vans including those of St Andrews Ambulance, Post Office telephones, Austin Service, Whitbread and others. Estimate £80 to £120.

Lot 549
A group of seventeen boxed Vanguard Models of Commercial Vehicles to include Thames Trader, Leyland Comet, Harrier and others with varying body styles; also to include five Commercial Vehicles Gift Sets, Ken Thomas Haulage, Boots Delivery, British Road Services, Whitbread and Jordans Delivery. Estimate £80 to £120.

If you're interested in bidding on any of these lots, check the Halls catalogue online.

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