Huge collection sold by Vectis

21 October 2016
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Huge collection sold by Vectis
Huge collection sold by Vectis Images

The Josep Pujol diecast collection has been sold by Vectis over a mammoth five days of auctions starting 26th September. In total the auction raised £278,000 including buyers premiums. Each day focused on a particular element of his collection. The first day started with over 120 lots of Spot On models, including boxed and unboxed cars, commercials, trucks and tankers plus others.  The day continued with more than 480 Corgi Toys that included Cars, TV and Film Related, Chipperfields Circus, Military, Commercials, Farm Related and Gift Sets.

Day two featured more than 770 lots of Dinky Toys. The selection included Cars, Hong Kong Cars, Window Box and Bubble Pack Issues, including later issues and Rigid Perspex Case Issues. There were also Farm Related, Public Transport, Military, TV, Film and Novelty Related items plus Dublo Dinky, Commercials, Aircraft and Gift Sets.

Day three was made up of more than 370 lots of French Dinky Toys including Military Related, Cars, Commercials and Public Transport. The sale also included Spanish Dinky cars, Budgie Toys and Japanese made models.

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The fourth day was another 600 lots. Manufacturers in this sale included Solido, Tekno, Marklin, Mercury, CIJ, Pilen, Gama and NZG/Conrad plus Russian made.
The final day featured more than 190 lots of Modern Collectables, more than 150 lots of White Metal and Resin Models and more than 150 lots of miscellaneous items including Quiralu, JRD, Invicta, Nacoral and Odji plus a large selection of Dinky and French Dinky restored/repainted groups.

This month’s Price Guide, starting on page 83, covers some of the auction results of this epic sale. For more information contact Vectis at