Huge 1/8 scale Gulf-Porsche 917K is on the starting grid

22 June 2021
Ixo’s much-anticipated new model arrives

Seen here at the 2020 Nuremberg Toy Fair, Ixo’s amazing and much-anticipated large-scale 1970 Gulf-Porsche 917K, made famous by Steve McQueen’s 1971 movie Le Mans, has begun to appear. A monthly partwork release over two years, the model arrives in component form for home assembly, with four instalments per month.

We will be covering this build as it progresses from the September issue of Diecast Collector as part of the editor’s new Workbench feature, but to find out more and to order, visit Ixo’s specific partworks website at Also available is Ixo’s stunning Peugeot 205GTi at the same scale. 

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