How to spot a fake vintage Star Wars figure

07 November 2013
imports_CCGB_kathy_63733.jpg How to spot a fake vintage Star Wars figure
Kathy Taylor from Vectis Auctions provides some advice for spotting dodgy deals. ...
How to spot a fake vintage Star Wars figure Images
As the price for vintage Star Wars action figures continues to rise - just look at our previous story about the rare Palitoy vinyl cape Jawa, which sold for £10,200 - the temptation for unscrupulous types to try and cash-in on this interest also increases. Knock offs and fakes often crop up on the open market, ensuring that collectors and auctioneers must be on their guard.

However, how do you spot a fake among the 1,000s of legitimate action figures? Well, we asked Vectis expert Kathy Taylor to explain how she evaluates the numerous models the auctioneers receives each month and give you some tips on how to separate the real deal from the dubious. She also explains more about the Palitoy Jawa and how Vectis decided that was legit.

If you've got your own tips about spotting fake collectables, then leave them in the comments section below.

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