How to restore vintage Star Wars action figures

18 September 2014
imports_CCGB_83-l-1-_68651.jpg How to restore vintage Star Wars action figures
Toy Polloi provides some suggestions about cleaning carded Star Wars figures ...
How to restore vintage Star Wars action figures Images
If you're a vintage Star Wars figure collector then you may often be faced with the potential problem of having slight grubby-looking figures... even when they're safe inside their plastic bubbles. This is a particular issue if you've got them on display because, obviously, you always want them to look their best so people feel the need to 'ooooh' and 'aaaaah' appropriately when they see them.

However, before you grab the bleach or Fairy Power Spray to get them gleaming again, YouTube user Toy Polloi has got some handy hints about how to get your old figures looking almost brand new. Take a look at the video below and keep checking back for more great videos from Toy Polloi in the weeks to come.

Also, have you watch our previous selection of videos from Toy Polloi, in which he gives some hints about how to restore a vintage Dinky Toys Space: 1999 Eagle Transporter? The tips are great, no matter what diecast model you're planning on restoring. 

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