Hot Wheels unveils new James Bond, Simpsons and Star Wars diecast

13 June 2014
imports_CCGB_comic-con-2014-star-wars-hot-wheels-photo_33543.jpg Hot Wheels unveils new James Bond, Simpsons and Star Wars diecast
'Super Deluxe' Hot Wheels models revealed ahead of the San Diego Comic Con. ...
Hot Wheels unveils new James Bond, Simpsons and Star Wars diecast Images
Ahead of the San Diego Comic Con, which sees thousands of TV and film buffs from around the globe trying to get their hands on exclusive collectables, Hot Wheels has unveiled some of the superb diecast models it'll be taking to the show. The three exclusive cars are billed as 'super deluxe' Hot Wheels cars and take their inspiration from James Bond, Star Wars and The Simpsons.

First up is the rather swish Darth Vader-inspired motor that comes inside a red Sith lightsaber, with lights and sound effects...  very nice! It even comes in a sleek black presentation box, which goes some way to explain the $40 price tag. Still, we reckon that 's pretty decent for something so unique. Hot Wheels is planning an official Star Wars range of vehicles later this year and if this first entry is anything to go by, it'll be exceptionally popular.

Away from Star Wars, Hot Wheels also has a replica from The Simpsons up its sleeve. In one episode of the long-running show, Homer designs a terrible car called 'The Homer'. Although the car was greeted with derision in the television series, Hot Wheels replica is far more impressive and accurately replicates the cartoon version. Like the Darth Vader mobile, this also comes in a swish presentation box, which appears to have a speaker in, but will retail for the slightly cheaper price of $30.

Finally, if you want something more traditional and distinctly British, then take a look at James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger. Hot Wheels is already planning a 1/18 scale version of the iconic car as part of its Elite range but this should keep Bond enthusiasts happy until that's released. It's expected to cost £20.

Source: USA Today

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