Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F355 Red video preview

07 May 2013
imports_CCGB_copertina-1-_19816.jpg Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F355 Red video preview
We take a closer look at this fantastic 1/18 scale Ferrari. ...
Here at Collectors Club of Great Britain we love it when a big parcel from Hot Wheels turns up because we're always in for a fantastic treat. Recently we received the marvelous 1/18 scale Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, which is a great addition to Hot Wheels' Ferrari range - which must surely be bursting at the seams by now. The detail on this model is superb, with opening doors, bonnet and boot (trunk for our American readers). Below you can read the description from Hot Wheels and watch our exclusive video preview.

"Built as Ferrari's entry-level supercar, the F355 followed the 348 model range. The Berlinetta made its debut in May, 1994 at the Geneva Motor Show. Initially, the 6-speed manual was the only transmission available. However, in 1997, the Berlinetta was the first-ever road car to be equipped with the innovative F1-style gearbox management system so that both the driver’s hands can stay on the wheel at all times.

"Like most of the Ferrari models, the body was designed by Pininfarina. Styling abandoned the Testarossa's side strakes and straight lines in favor of sensuous lines. The F355 was the last Ferrari to use retractable headlights which were primarily a cosmetic feature. Don’t miss this great die-cast model!"

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