Hot Wheels Elite 1/18 Scale Knight Rider KITT - Video

15 February 2013
imports_CCGB_kitt_06068.jpg Hot Wheels Elite 1/18 Scale Knight Rider KITT - Video
Read our thoughts on the superb model of KITT and watch the video! ...
After taking a look at the 1/43 scale version of KITT from Knight Rider, this time we thought we would look at its big brother - the 1/18 scale version. This larger model has loads more great features and, if you're happy to splash out the extra cash, we can heartily recommend it for Knight Rider fans because Hot Wheels has pulled out all the stops for this superb model!

First of all, compared to the 1/43 version, this replica really lets you get under the hood (literally) because it has an opening bonnet so you can see the detailed engine of the Knight Industries Two Thousand, opening doors and a boot. You can even fold down the back seat - just in case Michael Knight has been shopping at Tesco and needs some extra room in the boot for his horsemeat burgers.

The black paint job is extremely well applied, giving the model a sleek look and the interior is well replicated too, with neat cream leather-style seats. There's also a great dashboard featuring all-manner of buttons and switches, which would have triggered the car's many hi-tech defences in the TV show. However, without doubt the best feature on the model is that it includes that famous red light, zipping across the bonnet. This can be triggered by a little switch underneath the car, which pops the light on for a few seconds. It's a fantastic touch of extra class to this already fine model.

Take a look at the video below, which should whet you appetite for the model, which is due to be released in the months to come. Also, to get the latest collecting news delivered direct to your inbox every two weeks, sign up for your e-newsletter.

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