Hot Wheels Elite 1/18 scale Bat-Pod video

10 May 2013
imports_CCGB_x5471_29268.jpg Hot Wheels Elite 1/18 scale Bat-Pod video
Get an exclusive first look at the upcoming model based on the Dark Knight Trilogy. ...
Over the past few years Hot Wheels Elite has developed a reputation for creating superb replicas of famous TV and film vehicles. Whether you love Ghostbusters, the A-Team or Batman, it's likely you've drooled over the 1/18 and 1/43 scale models based on those iconic films. However, one of the more unusual choices for Hot Wheels to model was the Bat-Pod, as seen in the Dark Knight Trilogy. The motorcycle ATV-hybrid was custom made for the film and features a unique design that allows the driver (in this case Batman) to steer using his shoulders, while keeping his hands free to fight crime.

So, when the Bat-Pod arrived in the Collectors Club of Great Britain office we quickly ripped open the box (ok, we actually slowly and carefully opened the packaging with a letter opener) to get a look at the model. Due for release in August, the Bat-Pod is modelled in 1/18 scale and is limited to 10,000 pieces.

Our initial opinion was that it seems like there's more rubber and plastic than actual diecast but that does help to replicate all the little details, such as the throttle, brakes and unique shoulder-pad steering system, which would otherwise be tricky and make the model too 'rigid' if recreated in metal. Meanwhile, the rubber tyres are suitably chunky, allowing the model to stand up nicely so you can display it easily (should you ever wish to take it out of the box, of course).

On first glimpse, it may not seem a particularly detailed model but upon closer inspection you can see that a lot of work has gone into recreating the feel of the original machine. Cables run down the length of the body, the brake pads are nicely dimpled and the grey metallic paintwork on the chassis and guns is well done. It may not be the most colourful model you'll ever own but then again Batman wouldn't exactly be zipping around Gotham in a fluorescent pink Camper Van, would he?!

Perhaps our only concern with the various pedals and handles is that they're mounted to the main frame with rather thin bits of plastic - so it's certainly best to treat this one with kid gloves and don't attempt to recreate any of the chase scenes from the film! Overall though for fans of the movie trilogy, it's likely this model will become a must and the £139.99 price tag would be a drop in the ocean for billionaire Bruce Wayne.

Anyway, take a look at the video below and let us know your thoughts:

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