Hot Toys Unveils Iron Man Mark XLII Figure from Iron Man 3

05 February 2013
imports_CCGB_902017-press01-001_03615.jpg Hot Toys Unveils Iron Man Mark XLII Figure from Iron Man 3
Incredibly detailed 12-inch model is a new addition to the Power Pose range. ...
Hot Toys Unveils Iron Man Mark XLII Figure from Iron Man 3 Images
Iron Man 3 will be hitting cinemas in just a matter of months over here in the UK and, as a result, model makers are gearing up to release a selection of collectables more impressive than Tony Stark's arc reactor. Just last week, we covered Hot Toys' superb Tony Stark figure and now the company is back to impress us again with a potentially incredible 12-inch Iron Man Mark XLII 1/6 scale figure in its brand new Power Pose series!

The Power Pose figures will display perfectly alongside the equally impressive Movie Masterpiece and Diorama series from Hot Toys but are semi-articulated, allowing the model to "perform powerful poses, such as flying and battle". Less powerful poses could include "doing the washing up" and "bending down while looking for a lost contact lense" but these have yet to be confirmed.

Due for release in Q2 this year, Power Pose Iron Man will be distributed by Amerang in the UK so keep an eye out for it at Modelzone stores! Here's the full run down of Iron Man's features and some fantastic pictures of the prototype!

• Authentic likeness of Mark XLII from Iron Man 3
• Approximately 30 cm tall
• Semi-articulated collectable figure, able to perform powerful poses, such as 'flying' and 'battle' poses; waist and neck twist action
• Metallic red and gold paint on armour
• Special patterns on underarms
• Ball joints on four limbs and wrists for posing
• Two poses performed including 'flying' mode and 'battle' mode with iconic repulsor blast action
• One interchangeable right thigh to switch modes
• LED-lighted eyes and RT on chest (white light, battery operated)
• One pair of relaxed palms with light-up repulsors (white light, battery operated)
• One left fist
• Figure stand with Mark XLII and the Stark Industries nameplate with transparent pillar

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