Hornby launches pre-order campaign for new Pocher models

07 May 2013
imports_CCGB_pocher1-orange_24597.jpg Hornby launches pre-order campaign for new Pocher models
Super detailed Lamborghini Aventador kits cost £50 to pre-order and £499.99 to buy. ...
After announcing at the Nuremberg Toy Fair that legendary kit producer Pocher is set to start making new kits after a 15 year gap, Hornby International has now launched a pre-order campaign for Pocher's brand new Lamborghini Aventador on its website. However, you might need some deep pockets because the models are due to cost £499.99 each and even a pre-order will set you back £50.

Of course, that may seem a lot but Pocher has a reputation for producing the most detailed model cars on the market. The 1/8 scale kit of the Aventador includes more than 600 parts made of a range of materials including metal, rubber, textiles and premium quality plastic.  The steering, suspension and spoiler mechanism are functional alongside opening doors and hatches.

The model weights an impressive 7kg and is made of premium diecast metal and comes ready painted - so no need to crack out your Humbrol paint pots. It also has glossy painted wheels, perfectly detailed headlights, highly detailed sub-frame, engine bay, working suspension/steering and scissor doors with hydraulics. You can get a first look at the Aventador in the video below and, after seeing it in real-life, we can attest to its incredible quality.

Also, if you fancy seeing some classic Pocher models first hand, then Hornby has opened a special Pocher display at the Hornby Visitor Centre. This new exhibition features 24 rare and sought after models including the Fiat F2 130HP Racer, Rolls-Royce Torpedo Phantom II, Bugatti 50T Surprofilé Coupé. Check the website for more details.

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