Hornby launches new eBay Archive Shop

19 August 2013
imports_CCGB_hornbyebaypic_53687.jpg Hornby launches new eBay Archive Shop
Bid for limited edition Hornby Archive models in official online auctions. ...
Hornby Ltd. has announced it's launched a brand new official eBay Archive Shop selling rare and limited edition models from Scalextric, Airfix, Corgi and, of course, Hornby model railways. Each time Hornby makes a new model, it keeps a small number of samples for archive at the HQ in Margate. However, with new releases coming out all the time, the company often needs to make space and, as such, older archive items are now being offer for sale on eBay.

Many of the models will be rare and hard to find, along with lots of limited edition items - many of which have very low certificate numbers. You can check the auctions over at eBay but, in the meantime, some of the highlights currently on offer include:

47403 Aviation Archive - Berlin Airlift Avro Lancastrian Flight Refuelling Ltd - 1st Issue.
48305 Aviation Archive - Military Air Power Avro Vulcan XL426, Limited Edition No.0006 of 2600.
52901 Corgi Classics - U.S. Road Transport Diamond T620 Dropside with Barrells, Limited Edition No.0006 of 5000.
72005 French Heritage Collection Bernard Type 110 - Lessive Saint Marc (Laundry Saint Marc), Limited Edition No.0006 of 3500.
71406 French Heritage Collection Renault Feineant Fourgon - Pschitt, Limited Edition No.0006 of 5000

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