Hornby Archive Collection Rescheduled at Vectis

06 November 2012
imports_CCGB_ararevariationofthis_80008.png A rare variation of this model will be on offer at Vectis on 5th December
Sale to include Olympic 2012 pre-production samples and Quality Approved models ...

Good news from Thornaby-based auction house Vectis because its Hornby Archive Collection sale is back on, after previously being temporarily postponed. Originally announced as a complete collection of every model produced by Hornby - including Scalextric, Corgi and Airfix - the sale has now changed slightly but will still offer collectors the opportunity to pick up some rare items.

The sale, which now takes place on 5th December, includes many Quality Approved models, including locomotives and Scalextric, as well as Olympic London 2012 pre-production samples, Corgi Classics, Aviation and Lledo. Many of the QA Approved models are in pre-production boxes, without barcodes and others have barcode stickers in their place. Also, each has a handwritten approval or rejection on the box with the QA sticker. Many limited edition models come with certificates, often numbered one or two, or the last number of the run, e.g. 1,500 out of 1,500.

A new addition to the line-up is 24 lots of Olympic samples, in various stages of production, including plastic, crude and polished metal castings. They're also decorated in assorted phases, including hand-painted, colour trials and chrome. Examples of the trial pieces include:

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  • Team GB Routemaster - colour trial, decorated differently to production model
  • London Taxi - colour trial, decorated differently to production model
  • Wenlock figurine - chrome plated, otherwise undecorated
  • Mandeville figurine - plastic figure, coloured silver
  • Pride the Lion keyring figurines - four with plastic mane


For more information call 01642 750616 and ask to speak to Kegan Harrison, or email Vectis.