Hornby announces 2013 product delays

10 July 2013
imports_CCGB_hornby-logo-web-1-_48516.jpg Hornby announces 2013 product delays
A "long period of disruption" with the supply chain among reasons for almost 100 products slipping to 2014. ...
Hornby has announced that almost 100 of its products scheduled for release in 2013 will slip to next year, due to a "long period of disruption" with the company's supply chain and a culmination of other factors impacting its delivery critical path. In order to combat the problem, Hornby has broadened its supply base - which will only have benefits in the medium term - and has brought in new personnel to look at the challenge, including a new supply chain director, Red McKay.

He added: “I have listened intently to consumers, retail customers, shareholders, our supply team, and other departments within the business over the last 12 weeks. It is clear there has been a long period of disruption with our supply chain, and the team are committed to addressing this. We provide the service, which enables our company to deliver for customers, and ultimately consumers.

"It is our goal to satisfy those demands; on time, in full and always. There is no immediate fix but we are committed to making progress. We will continue the work to broaden our supply base, and challenge ourselves to improve our communication be it good or bad news – it matters.”

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