Hornby: A Model World steams into Yesterday

04 October 2021
See how the dedicated team of designers strive to shrink a new generation of mighty machines

In a new UKTV Original series on Yesterday, one of Britain’s best-loved model-making companies, home to four iconic brands, Hornby, Airfix, Scalextric and Corgi, opens its doors to reveal how their dedicated team of designers strive to shrink a new generation of mighty machines. 

From century old steam engines to cutting edge racing cars, each programme follows the process from drawing board to perfect mini replica. The series observes the ups and downs of the design process as they attempt to get the all-important detail spot on, whether it’s perfecting the sound of a 1930’s steam loco or the stitching on a First World War fighter plane. 

There’s a chance to marvel at Britain’s best model layout builders, creating miniature masterpieces in lofts and sheds across the land. These dedicated enthusiasts spend hundreds of hours building perfect replicas of towns, villages and landscapes for their locos to travel through and nothing but perfect authenticity will do in their model world. 

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In the first episode, the Hornby team go back to their illustrious past when they decide to launch a metal diecast replica of a 1940’s steam locomotive, the Merchant Navy, General Steam Navigation. It’s a passion project for Development Director Simon Kohler who fondly remembers his brother getting one for Christmas as a child.

The new 10-part series will air on Monday nights at 9pm on Yesterday, from 11th October, and all episodes will be available for catch-up on UKTV Play.