Hornby 2013 Range

18 December 2012
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Four new steam locos and limited edition LNER Class A4 collection among releases. ...
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Next year is a huge milestone for Hornby as 2013 marks the 150th anniversary of Frank Hornby, considered by many to be the 'father of model railways' in the UK. To mark this huge occasion, Hornby is set to release a number of new models during the year and several of the locomotives feature at the top of the 'most wanted' lists and have been created using the latest 'design clever' techniques to ensure high quality. Below we've picked a handful of our favourites from the new range:


Another important milestone in 2013 is the not to be missed, or repeated, occasion when the last remaining six LNER Class A4 locomotives will be seen together at the National Railway Museum and to celebrate this momentous event, Hornby has created a limited edition model collection of these last A4s. This unique collection is limited to just 500 pieces and will be released over the course of the year - those who collect all six can claim a specially commissioned glass display cabinet.

Distribution of the collection is going to be strictly controlled and allocated with only complete sets of the six locos being released to retailers and distributors alike, so it's advised to pre-order the models well in advance. What's more, for this collection to be totally unique each of the six models as they are released will all receive the same numbered certificate and to ensure this happens, the specific certificates will be sent to the relevant retailers individually.


Another important date in 2013 is the 75th anniversary of the 'Mallard' achieving the World Speed Record for steam locomotives. In July 1938 on the East Coast Mainline route just south of Granthanm on Stoke Bank that Malldard was recorded at 126mph.

With this in mind, Hornby has created a new set featuring the Mallard as seen in the days just before the record attempt, resplendent in the Express locomotive livery of Garter Blue. Accompanying the loco are three LNER teak effect coaches with additional coaches available from the RailRoad range. The set also includes a large oval of track with siding and buffer stop.

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Continuing the theme of anniversaries, Hornby is also celebrating the 60th anniversary of the classic comedy film, The Titfield Thunderbolt by releasing a commemorative train pack. The set includes a DVD of the film, a limited edition certificate, as well as a mini replica of the cinema poster and a heavily weathered BR Class 14XX locomotive, which in the movie ran through the buffers and down several roads before eventually ending up on its side.

Also included is a representation of the coach, which was quickly put together by the villagers, and was a strange mix of an old coach body placed on a Lowmac style wagon and is ably represented in the pack by a similar concoction. And to complete the ensemble an ExGWR Toad Brake Van in suitable livery as depicted in the film. The Titfield Thunderbolt train pack is a limited edition of just 1,000 pieces and like the film will no doubt have an enduring charm.


With 2012 now often referred to as 'the year of the sport', it seems fitting that another of Hornby's new releases is themed around the Olympics. Arguably one of the mechanical heroes of the London Games the Javelins certainly proved their worth on the South Eastern lines as they carried not only the usual number of London commuters from their homes in the South East but also the many thousands who visited the London Games during the summer of 2012.

The detailed four car Hornby unit with the two additional coaches available, carries the name of one of the UK's top Olympians, Sir Chris Hoy and makes an ideal addition to any Southern based model layout. The model includes flush glazing and is powered by a five pole skew wound motor with the headlights illuminating in the direction of travel as well as tail lights.

We'll have a more in-depth round-up of the Hornby 2013 line-up in February issue of Collectors Gazette, so make sure you pick up your copy on 18th January.