Great results for Warwick and Warwick

05 October 2016
Great results for Warwick and Warwick

Warwick and Warwick’s September sale netted just shy of £146,000. Diecasts, model soldiers and other toys made up the lots offered.

According to the company’s Jill Smith, there were 14 miscellaneous toy lots which achieved excellent results, thereby justifying the reward of careful viewing. Amongst the more unusual toys were a pair of Sebel Jetex Bluebirds. Both the land car and the marine version were included in the box. Not often encountered, this set achieved £100. There were 88 lots in all in the model soldiers section and a Britains 1925 version of the Mounted Band of the Life Guards set, which sold for £177.

As always, there were several Corgi lots. Of note was an example of the popular Corgi Lotus Racing Team Gift Set No 37. The box was sound and the polystyrene inner section was in good shape too. With the box still bearing the original shop price in biro (of 35/6!), this lovely item raced off to achieve £224.
Lovers of Binns Road weren’t overlooked, either, with a lovely AA Gift Set (No 44) achieving £378. This delight contained two saluting patrolmen, a third on a motorcycle combination and an obligatory AA roadside box, complete with sigh posts atop. All of the elements were contained in the correct pale blue box. Also on the scarce front, mention should be made of the Taylor & Barrett Royal Air Mail Service Car. This is an extremely hard to find vehicle, one that can suffer from fatigue, and it was borrowed by Skybirds in their small range of airside vehicles. There was, predictably, a lot of interest in this postal van, which finally delivered the good at slightly under its estimate at £106.

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