Giant promotional LEGO figures to be auctioned at Bamfords

05 September 2013
imports_CCGB_115_55796.jpg Giant promotional LEGO figures to be auctioned at Bamfords
Unique opportunity to acquire unusual 50cm high LEGO figures previously used in a shop display. ...
Something that caught our eye in the recently released online catalogue for Bamfords Specialist Toy & Childhood Memories sale on 20th September, were three rare LEGO figures. You see, instead of being your usual minifigures, which measure around 4cm, these special promotional items come in at an impressive 50cm!

All three were previously on display inside the Co-operative, Derby. Two feature blue shirts and red trousers, while the other has a red shirt and blue trousers - all three are wearing white hard hats. Just like normal LEGO figures, they can be posed and have moveable arm/leg joints. Currently all three have fairly reasonable estimates of £30 to £50 but we're convinced they'll go for more than that.

A quick glance at eBay's completed listings shows that several similar figures have recently been sold for considerable sums. A blue shirt/red trousers version sold in August for £285 and another made £175 in July... interestingly the latter was from a seller based in Derby, so perhaps it was another Co-op promotional item?

Other neat items in the sale include a Lone Star James Bond 007 diecast sniper rifle.The 100 shot cap repeater has two 'snap-fit' sections and later illustrated box with 'generic' Bond lookalike on it. The sniper rifle is estimated at £200 to £300. There's also a Chad Valley tinplate and clockwork Royal Mail in red with the Royal Mail GR crown decal to the sides - will it deliver on its £200 to £300 estimate?

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