Ford’s mighty Supervans

09 June 2023
Schuco announces new diecast release

Schuco has announced the release, towards the end of this year, of a series of all four generations of Ford’s mighty Supervan. These diecast releases will make for a seriously impressive display at 1/18 scale.

The original Supervan (1971) was conceived for promotional purposes for the Transit Mk1 towards the end of its production run. Built on a Ford GT40 chassis, with the low-slung racer’s 400bhp V8 mid-mounted, it featured a Transit van bodyshell on top, and it was claimed it could reach 150mph.

Supervan 2 (1984) was fitted with a fibreglass bodyshell depicting the basic shape of the Ford Transit Mk2. This time the chassis was another Le Mans car – the 1982 Group C Ford C100 complete with the same Cosworth DFL competition engine raced at Le Mans in 1982 by the factory team and then in 1983 by privateers. Tests at Silverstone reported that Supervan 2 achieved 174mph.

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Ten years later, Supervan 3 appeared, based on the facelifted Transit Mk3, but at a slightly reduced scale. The engine was the Formula 1 Cosworth HB unit, a 3.5-litre atmospheric V8.

In 2022, Ford unveiled the fourth version – the first electrified chapter in the legendary Supervan series – the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan, at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Four electric motors, a 50 kWh liquid-cooled battery and a bespoke control system will produce approximately 2,000 PS for sub two-second 0-100 km/h acceleration. Built on purpose-built, track-ready chassis, it features components from the E-Transit Custom 1 – the first fully electric version of Europe’s best-selling van. These four models, whether purchased individually or together, will certainly make for an impressive display. Contact your preferred Schuco retailer for more information and to place a pre-order.