Ford Sedan for Illustra’s Minimarque 43 range

21 March 2019
ford-sedan-32297.jpg Illustra Minimarque 43 range
Ford Sedan for Illustra’s Minimarque 43 range

Illustra has revealed its latest release in the Minimarque 43 range – the 1957 Ford Country Sedan 9-passenger station wagon.

Handbuilt in white metal, and superbly finished in a choice of two-colour schemes, red/white or Coral Sand/white, it features a wealth of detail and finely detailed photo-etching. Available with or without a roof rack, the total build quantity is just 57. Illustra has not yet set a retail price, but expect to pay in the region of £175-£200.

The models will be available from the usual network of specialist dealers and to find out more about when it will be available, visit, or you can email [email protected].

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