First images from Matrix Scale Models

17 April 2013
imports_CCGB_max-40304-061_16613.jpg First images from Matrix Scale Models
Ford Crown Victoria 1986 among initial releases from new model maker. ...
First images from Matrix Scale Models Images
One of the announcements during the Nuremberg toy fair was a new model brand called Matrix Scale Models. Formed on 2nd January, new model car company Inventist Distribution BV (ID BV for short) is based in the Netherlands and is launching "high end, hand-made in resin, quality 1/43 scale vehicles" under the Martix name.

On show during the German toy fair were pre-production versions of the Cadillac Sedan DeVille 1994, the Lincoln Continental Maloney Limo 1976, Lincoln Towncar 1997, Mercedes-Benz G Class AMG G63 2005 and the Infinity XQ56 2011. Unfortunately because these were pre-production models, we couldn't really get a good idea of what the finished products might look like - well, now that's all changed because Matrix has released some images of the first few products in its line-up. Below you can see pictures of four products, which are due for release in Q2 this year.

Ghia 450SS Conv 1967 - silver (originally announced as gold). RRP £78.99.

RS Silver Cloud Harold Radford '59 in green. RRP £94.99.

Ford Crown Victoria 1986 - two tone grey (originally announced as silver/grey). RRP £84.99.

Citroen CX Nilsson Limousine 'Ddr' 1985 in metallic green. RRP £84.99.

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