Fans create LEGO version of Batman's Wayne Manor

10 December 2013
imports_CCGB_waynemanor_77701.jpg Fans create LEGO version of Batman's Wayne Manor
Project could be officially released by LEGO if 10,000 people support the project. ...
Fans create LEGO version of Batman's Wayne Manor Images
The LEGO Cuusoo project is an interesting scheme that sees fans able to submit their own ideas for LEGO sets, with the possibility that they'll be officially released by the famous Danish brick maker. The ideas are exceptionally varied from huge robots to Wild West towns, replicas of birds to sets based on numerous television shows or films. So far there have been four LEGO Cuusoo sets released in stores, including Shinkai 6500 (an underwater explorer), the Hayabusha satellite, kits based on the videogame Minecraft and the recently released Time Machine from Back to the Future.

However, without a doubt, one of our favourite ever proposals has just hit Cuusoo - Wayne Manor from the Batman comics, films, etc. This is a truly impressive model, which is able to fold out to reveal the interior of Wayne Manor, the Bat Cave and lots of cool hidden passages. The creator, DarthKy, plans to release the set with Minifigures of Bruce Wayne, Batman, Alfred, Batgirl and a selection of villains.

The creator said: "There are plenty of Batman sets on Cuusoo, and plenty of Modulars but this is something new, something different, a themed Modular Wayne Manor." Modular sets are aimed at the older LEGO collector and often require more than 2,000 bricks to build, along with advanced skills not normally required to build the standard kits.

For the project to be officially considered by LEGO, it needs to reach 10,000 votes on the Cuusoo website by the beginning of January. It's currently at 1,632 votes, so there's still plenty of time to show your support. Of course, if this set does get made then it goes without saying it'll become highly collectable with the LEGO community and Batman fans.

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