Extra drop tank for Corgi’s AA27706 P-51D Mustang

31 May 2022
Issue with recently released model rectified

Following the discovery of an issue with Corgi's recently released AA27706 North American P-51D Mustang ‘Happy Jack’s Go Buggy’, the company now has a supply of external drop tanks and mounting pylons available for customers who bought the model.

The company has now also uploaded an instructional video to assist with the fitting of the extra part. Please note that because this is an additional part, Corgi points out that fitting is carried out at your own risk. The link for the instructional video is https://youtu.be/mmXqrtyZ3jU.

For those affected by this omission, the required part can now be obtained free of charge from Corgi's spares department. In order to obtain one of the additional drop tanks please contact the Corgi Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 (0)1843 233512, or by email at [email protected]. Corgi has also promised that a fitting guide video will be made available on its website soon. As this is an additional part, fitting is at the customer's own risk.

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