Exclusive reader offer brought to you!

27 March 2014
imports_CCGB_corgi-toys-price-guide_04216.jpg Exclusive reader offer brought to you!
Take advantage of this unmissable and exclusive offer to our readers ...

This month we have four fantastic price guides from a Toy Price Guide Publications available to you!

The Corgi Classics Price Guide 1st edition covers models released after 1983 following Mattel's collapse up to 2008 when Hornby purchased the company. Packed with 132 pages and 200 colour pictures this publication includes over 5500 individual models each with realistic market values. Perfect bound with a stiff cover this edition includes sections on cars, emergency and more.

The Vintage Corgi Toys Price Guide 2nd edition provides values on Corgi Toys produced from 1956-1983. Designed in easy to follow sections to simplify model identification the guide is a must for established Corgi collectors and those seeking to identify and value a collection or individual models. Bound with a stiff cover and packed with over 200 colour pictures, detailed sections includes cars, construction, emergency and much more!

Order both of the Corgi publications to get price guide values on over five decades of Corgi Toys, you really will have everything you need to identify and value your collection.

The Hornby Trains Price Guide 2nd edition is the only publication dedicated to providing values on vintage Hornby 0 & 00 gauges, Dublo and TT ranges. It also includes the most comprehensive guide to accessories, sets and catalogue values produced by the company during their long history. Packed with over 200 colour pictures,the published was granted access to several of the country's finest collections and lists several never before listed items.

The Britains Toys Catalogue and Price Guide 2nd edition is packed with 164 pages and over 200 colour pictures. The guide produced in association with W Britain Ltd covers diecast models, plastic, hollowcast, metal and lead figures together with a selected range of modern issue figures and is the ONLY dedicated guide providing values for the Britains collector. Based on items sold through sale rooms and internet auctions during the past 12 months, we identify current prices for mint boxed and unboxed items made between 1890-1999.

All guides also include a Toy Price Guide calculator, terms of reference/abbreviations and information on the current market to help you identify and value your collection.

Get all four guides for just £39.96 or £9.99 each with FREE postage!

Place your order quickly and easily here. Make sure you take advantage of this unmissable and exclusive offer to you!

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