Exclusive First Editions Reveals New Buses

11 September 2012
imports_CCGB_efe-18716dl_73978.jpg Exclusive First Editions Reveals New Buses
Seven new models available from October, including Bedford SB Vega Coach. ...
Exclusive First Editions Reveals New Buses Images

Exclusive First Editions has unveiled seven new models, which will be released in October. The buses have appeared on the latest John Ayrey's trade listings, which also reveals the recommended retail price of between £32.99 and £33.49 for each item and shows some images of pre-production samples.

First up is the Leyland National MkII Midland Fox (ref: EFE 17704), registration no. BVP 3822, fleet no. 3822. route: 74 city centre and Braunstone, RRP: £32.99.

Next is the Daimler Fleetline MCW Derby City Transport (ref: EFE 18011), registration no. NCH 197E, fleet no. 197, route: 159 Overdale Road, RRP: £32.99.

There's also the Bedford SB Vega Coach Southern Vectis (ref: EFE 18716DL), registration no. ODL 51, fleet no. 238, route: Ventnor, RRP: £33.99.

Fourth is the Plaxton Pointer Dart Arriva The Shires (ref: EFE 20645), registration no. L200 BUS, fleet no. 3102, route: Route 1 - South Oxhey, RRP: £32.99.

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Then you can purchase the Bristol RELH D/P Bus Bristol Omnibus NBC (ref: EFE 29412), registration no. GHY 131K, fleet no. BH2069, route: 603 - Express, RRP £32.99.

Next, there's the Plaxton SLF Dart Maidstone & District (ref: EFE 35803), registration no. P230 MKL, fleet no. 3230, route: 132 - Chatham Bus Station, RRP: £32.99.

Finally there's the Plaxton SLF Dart London United (ref: EFE 36606), registration no. T345 PRH, fleet no. DP45, route: H37 Hounslow Blenheim Centure, RRP: £33.49.

You can find more information from the Exclusive First Editions website.