Exciting event on the horizon for coin collectors

17 October 2022
Silver and gold medallions go under the hammer at The Auction Centre

There is an exciting event on the horizon for collectors of rare silver and gold collectable and commemorative medallions on the 28th of October at The Auction Centre in Cheshire. The sale will feature around 150 lots and includes many items that are rare and were never available to the general public meaning collectors will be able to get their hands on truly one of a kind pieces. Many of the items in the sale were produced by Liberty Mint and struck in .999 fine silver or gold.

Liberty Mint opened in the United States in 1984 and at the time was the only manufacturing mint in the USA, highly regarded within the industry for producing some of the most detailed strikes in the business. Based in Provo, Utah, near Salt Lake City, Liberty Mint became known for it’s highly sought after collectable and commemorative medallions and coins. The company provided custom minting services for a range of clients including foreign countries, domestic States, companies, sports teams and non-profit organisations and it’s primary business was designing and manufacturing custom coins, silver collectables and sculptures and distribution of sports and entertainment related products. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s Liberty Mint created over 2000 precious metal coin projects from hundreds of corporations including General Motors, Disney, the NFL and many others.

In 1994 Liberty Mint opened offices in the United Kingdom. The UK operation grew substantially and obtained exclusive licences with a range of sports teams and organisations and in 1995 Liberty Mint UK produced all the player’s medals including the winner’s medals for the inaugural Rugby League World Cup and a year later produced the medals for the UEFA European Championship in the UK.

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In 1999 an exclusive contract was signed with Manchester United PLC for a range of products, some for internal use, solely within the club and some for retail sale. Having secured an historic ‘Treble’ in May 1999 a set of four silver and silver and gold medallions were produced with depictions of the Premier League trophy, the FA Cup, the UEFA Champions League trophy and the knighting of Alex Ferguson. Each of the medallions was sculpted by Mint Master and artist Darren Albertson. A set of these medallions was presented to Sir Alex Ferguson on the pitch at Old Trafford in celebration of the victory and a twin set will be offered on sale on the 28th October. Each medallion is struck from one troy ounce of .999 fine silver and they are contained in the original presentation case and such a rare set of medallions is sure to be sought after by fans of the club who will have a chance to own a piece celebrating one of the most historic moments in the club’s history.

It is not just football fans who will be anticipating the sale as there will also be a rare 1/20 oz (1.42 grams) .999 fine gold collectible coin / medallion struck by Liberty Mint in the USA. The coin has the image of the Superbowl 26 crest and the words Metrodome Indianapolis Sunday January 26th 1992 and on the obverse is the image of the NFL crest. Baseball fans will have the opportunity to own a commemorative of Norman Rockwell’s 100 years of baseball, a scarce five troy oz (141.7 grams) .999 fine silver collectible coin / medallion struck by Liberty mint in the USA. The coin has the 24K gold accented image of Norman Rockwell Saturday evening post 100-year baseball with the image of “The Critic". On the obverse are the words The Saturday Evening Post Authorised Reproduction. 

With plenty of lots covering sporting history, music collectables, Royal Mint coin sets including the rare 2009 set with Kew Gardens 50p there is certain to be a huge amount of interest in the sale.