Excitement builds...

19 May 2017
pic4-41036.jpg Lego
Calling themselves the ‘only specialist Lego auctioneers in the world,’ East Bristol Auctions’ second such sale takes place on 3 June at their saleroom in Hanham, Bristol.

‘Our first sale back in December was a huge success,’ says toy specialist Andrew. ‘So we now do two a year, and this June sale is even bigger and better than before.’ Of the 300 lots already consigned, highlights include a large private collection of Star Wars sets. ‘Lego is such an interesting item to sell, because it spans so many genres and franchises. Star Wars is perhaps the most famous of the line,’ tells Andrew. ‘We’ve consigned around forty sets from a private individual who has spent months re-building and checking his sets are 100% complete – the value between a complete and incomplete set is vast.’ Also consigned for Lego aficionados is the rare Pirates Of The Caribbean ‘Black Pearl’ set. Unused by the vendor, the set is popular because its not only the largest set in the Pirates Of The Caribbean line, but it also fits in with the original Lego Pirates sets. ‘We have people constantly asking us if we have a set in for the sale. Those people will be very pleased!’ remarks Andrew.

East Bristol’s Lego Sale will be held at 10am on Saturday 3 June. Entries are invited until 19 May.

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