Duchess of Sutherland model has top estimate of £20,000

23 April 2013
imports_CCGB_front-end_18457.jpg Duchess of Sutherland model has top estimate of £20,000
Finely detailed model finished in LMS maroon and up for auction at Vectis. ...
Duchess of Sutherland model has top estimate of £20,000 Images
Vectis Auctions has been in touch to let us know about an exciting last minute addition to the May 11th Rugby Train & Toy Sale. The star lot is expected to be a magnificent exhibition quality 5" gauge model of the Princess Coronation class locomotive Duchess of Sutherland LMS 6233 built by G & N Gregson in 1994. It's the first of its kind sold by Vectis and is in such superb condition that it's valued at between £15,000 and £20,000!

The finely detailed model is finished in LMS maroon and the attention to detail on this model is exceptional with numerous details including horizontally mounted whistle, makers plate "LMS Built 1938 Crewe", shedplate 1B (Camden) thus depicting the locomotive in its preservation livery, smokebox numberplate, sprung buffers, fully detailed front couplings with vacuum pipes, twin chimney, front lamp brackets and smoke deflectors; the cab interior is finished to a high standard with functional gauges and many prototypical controls and detailing including wooden floor panels.

The tender has function hand brake and water pickup with plates to rear "LMS No. 9751 1938" and "Water Capacity 4000 Gallons".
Overall the model is 81" (203cm) long and comes with bespoke oak display stand 89" (226cm) long bearing brass plaque "LMS Princess Coronation Class Passenger Locomotive, Built Crewe 1938, 4 Cylinders 161'2" x 28", Driving wheels 6' 9" diameter, Boiler pressure 250 psi, Weight 105 tons, Tractive effort 40000 lbs".

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